Marketing & Business Awareness for Acupuncture

Acupuncture clinics must find ways to market their businesses that keep a constant stream of patients coming through the door. A plan that includes both traditional marketing methods as well as online strategies will help you reach the largest potential market for your services. The main opportunity that the acupuncture industry faces today is increasing healthcare costs and patient frustration with the Western medical system. The number of people going to school to become an acupuncturist has grown tremendously even in the 8 years. Finding a way to differentiate yourself from other practitioners is going to become more difficult. Internet exposure and social media will become increasingly important to a thriving business and having a streamlined and affordable option. However, acupuncture treatments require regular follow-up, which is not possible for all patients. In addition, adverse effects such as bleeding, infection, and pain due to needles, high costs, and no insurance coverage for acupuncture treatment hamper the market growth. All the same, increasing awareness of acupuncture treatment is anticipated to provide new opportunities for the acupuncture needles market.